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May. 9th, 2007

(no subject)

So yes..the APUSH test is the day after tomorrow. Am I scared? Not really, as it won't affect my grade, but I am a little apprehensive of the actual 4 hour test. I have never taken a 4 hour test that I liked.

Lately I have been having a lot of issues with Andrea. She is just getting on my nerves like nuts (yes..more than usual) I wish I could get my own place. I can't wait until college. I am SO ready to be on my own and not have to pick up after anyone. That stupid cow.

I wish I was a better writer. It seems like I am more in love with the IDEA of writing than the actual act of it. I want to be llike Danielle. She is a junior in High school and id halfway through writing the second book of her adventure trilogy. I can never follow through with stuff like that. Plus she is the most talented pianist and artist that I have ever seen and she has perfect handwriting and I just hate her.

Apr. 24th, 2007

Gabriel and the SAT

I haven't updated in a hella long time because I don't have a keyboard. At the moment I am on my mom's computer.

A lot has happened since I last posted. Zach kind of fizzled out on me and I was kinda sad about that for a while but now I have a new guy in my life. His name is Gabriel. There is a lot of...controversy about me and him (I guess that is one way of saying it) but he is a genuinely good guy and I have no apprehensions about him.

But besides that, I kinda got a job, I am back on more regular terms with Mia, I am starting to realise the full extent of the hypocricy of my friendship with Joany, and I am registered to take the SAT on june 2nd.


I can't wait till this summer.

And I hope to talk to my mom about Gabe soon. I really hope she will support me.

Anyway, maybe I will make it mroe of a point to update more.

Love you all.

Mar. 18th, 2007

Poem: Will you still kiss me then?

There is dirt on the knees of my jeans
the grass was cold last night
I took off my heels and ran in the field
were your feet cold?

There is no grass in my hair
I brushed it out before my mom saw
the park was full of shadows
in the starlight

Your kiss is just what I always wanted
You are forceful, I can feel you
You pull me to you
I comply

We could only pick out three constellations
The two dippers and orion
Looking up from the ground I watched
Your hands point them out

I remember what your arms feel like warming me
it was too cold to be out at night
soon it will be summer
Will you still kiss me then?

Mar. 11th, 2007


I asked Zac to the dance yesterday.
He said yes.
And I am a happy girl.

Mar. 5th, 2007

100 dollar scripts, knitting, sick, zach.

Mrs. Soule is going to pay me 100 dollars to write scripts for the ren faire. I am totally stoked! It's going to be awesome. What shall I do with the money?? Spend it frivolously on yarn and writing essentials.

Speaking of yarn, I started on a tank top yesterday. It will be my first garment. I am not following a pattern, basically just improvising. It will be simple enough to do so without making a mockery of my knitting skillz (Note the "z")I hope I have enough yarn, three skeins enough for a small girl of 16? I hope so.

I was pondering today about a top that would basically be knit up like a scarf that wraps around you a bunch of times and be all cool. Still only a concept but I think I could pull it off. We shall see.

I am officially sick. I felt it coming on Friday and it had steadily gotten worse. My nose is all runny (I just got over that too!! Urg) and my throat is all phlemmy. It sucks because like, I want to cough but when I do it doesn't do anything. I hate it.But at least I have an excuse to take NyQuil again. I love that stuff. I sleep so good.

But yeah, I might hang out with Zach this weekend. Cross your fingers and knock on wood!

Mar. 4th, 2007

The Musical

The musical this year (Annie Get Your Gun) was really good. I had a great time being the spotter. I really liked being a tech. We all got nicknames and named our equipment. I am Victor and my spot is Gary.

I have a huge crush on Zach. Like...I always knew we got along great and had a lot of stuff in common, and every time we hung out I had a great time but the play definitely brought us closer together. I really hope I can get to see him more. I hope that now, since the play is over, we don't grow apart. He is really great, you don't even know. It's crazy.

I joined a new community here for writers. I always wanted a bunch of writer friends. I know it is a little unlikely that I will make real friends here but (even though this journal isn't very artistic or even particularly interesting) I wish people would read it. I guess I am just the kind of person who needs to validate herself by having people comment on what she does.

Funny how true that really is..

I am listening to Take Me On by Aha. Gotta love the 80's. I missed them by a year.

Other than that, this week will be busy working on my History Day Project for regionals and my speeches for District Speech. I have a feeling I will do well at both.

Later folks.

Feb. 25th, 2007

Bad Weekend.

The debate tournament sucked tremendously yesterday. I forfeited my last two rounds because I just hated it so much.


After the tourney I went to the movies with Joany and Michael. Michael held my hand and all that and now it's like...I hope he doesn't expect me to go out with him. I was just all upset and emotional yesterday and I am really not that into him. I regret it. I hope I can just forget it.

Today is Sunday and I slept in until two in the afternoon. No joke. It's already 5 and it feels like I just woke up. Crazy. I hate it.

I am not happy.

Feb. 20th, 2007

As far as mondays go

My new 30stm shirt kicks ass. I can't to wear it tomorrow.

Today was pretty swell as far as Monday's go. I actually got up at the right time this morning and even managed to do my history reading (because I didn't do it last night, as I had planned to)

First period we had a sub and this one girl was fighting with this other girl. Not really physical fighting, just lame girly shit. We were supposed to be watching this movie in that class so the volume was up kind of high so the girls had to like yell to hear each other bitching over the movie. It was rather awkward. It would be more fun if they were fighting about something that had some relevance. Supposedly the one girl talked shit about the other girl to her ex boyfriend or something. It was hard to decipher what was going on between the "you fucking bitch" and "cunt whore" chorus.

In Algebra Reiley gave me the AWESOME 30stm shirt. I really hate math. But this is nothing new.

In French we made Tart Flambee. It was pretty good, and Joany gave me my birthday gift a month in advance. A pretty light blue shirt that I can wear to debate tourneys. Speaking of which, there is one this weekend, I am going to support the team but I won't be competing, mostly because I am trying to avoid this particular LD topic because it SUCKS. But Kevin will be there too so...

It's an odd situation with Kevin. He is this super hot kinda prep/jock but he is really smart too. He has this blond girlfriend but like..he never talks about her or anything. I would never like throw myself at him but I can't deny that if he ever asked me out or made any kind of pass at me, I would definitely co-operate.

At lunch Dalin gave me his jacket again. He is a total sweety pie. I think I might have a wee bit of a crush on him *blush* Too bad he doesn't like non-Japanese girls. Ha..

Other than that the day was whatever. Not terrific, not terrible, just Monday.

Feb. 19th, 2007

The end of the weekend

I didn't do any of my homework today. I am such a slacker. Seriously. I will probably end up doing my history reading later tonight but other than that. Yeah. Nothing.

I hate being a procrastinator and I hate the feeling of not getting anything done but I just can't get started.

Oh, I should update about the whole Cameron thing. I don't think it's going to happen. He just doesn't like me. It sucks because, even though I tried not to I got all god damned attached and just got hurt again. I am so sick of it.

Reiley got me a 30 seconds to mars shirt, I will get it tomorrow at school. I am excited for that, I am going to end up wearing it ALL the time. I can't wait. And Joany called earlier saying that she bought me by birthday present already. She might give it to me. That's cool I guess. I really want to have a big birthday party this year. I haven't had a real party in so long. Thing is though that my house sucks for parties. It's tiny. I was thinking about maybe having a hotel party or something. That would be awesome.



Feb. 18th, 2007


So I really wish that I was a fantastic knitter. Lol. I am just afraid to try anything new. I am working on some arm warmers right now, they will be perfect for sitting at the computer in the middle of the night (which I do a lot...insomnia's a bitch)because they are fingerless so I will be able to type.

After those are done I REALLY want to make this

which is from knitty.com but it is knitted on circular needles, which I have never done before. But I really want to make some sort of top and this one looks about as simple as they get without being fugly.

Anyway, I don't have school tomorrow because of presidents day and I have a bunch of homework to do. I plan on putting it off until tomorrow.

Love ya'll

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